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How This Works

This is easy. There are four levels to our program (Premium - Exclusive - VIP - Elite).

Each level includes different marketing packages including 10,000 - 100,000 guaranteed visitors to the website of your choice, text and banner ads across our network of high traffic sites to the site of your choice.  Plus, We Help Promote Your webtrafficpays referral link using our Master rotator!

All membership levels include our built-in autoresponder with loaded follow up series and editable lead capture pages. Plus the leads you get are yours to keep. You can export them at any time.

How It's Done For You

Once you become a paid member we will add your webtrafficpays.com referral link into our master rotator that is promoted daily using solo ads, facebook, youtube, safe lists, viral mailers, etc. Your link will stay in rotation for the life of your membership! This insures you will always have a steady flow of visitors seeing your referral link.

The rotator works by us promoting one link and that link rotates our customers websites and disburses traffic to all sites that are included in the rotator. The traffic is distributed on a number scale 1-10 with 10 showing 10X more than 1. Meaning Exclusive members will get 3X more traffic to their referral link than Premium members, VIP members get 6X the traffic, and Elite members will get 10X more traffic.

Membership Levels


$50 Total
  • $20 to admin
  • $30 to your sponsor
  • 10,000 Visitors
  • 3 mo text & banner ads
  • Rotator Traffic Scale 1


$100 Total
  • $30 to admin
  • $70 to your sponsor
  • 25,000 Visitors
  • 6 mo text & banner ads
  • Rotator Traffic Scale 3
3XMore Traffic!


$195 Total
  • $45 to admin
  • $150 to your sponsor
  • 50,000 Visitors
  • 6 mo text & banner ads
  • Rotator Traffic Scale 6
6XMore Traffic!


$390 Total
  • $65 to admin
  • $325 to your sponsor
  • 100,000 Visitors
  • 1 year text & banner ads
  • Rotator Traffic Scale 10
10XMore Traffic!

Note: The visitor amount is for the traffic we send to the site of your choice. The text and banner ads are from our sister site AdSwirler.com, instructions for set-up is inside the members area. You can use the text and banners for any site of your choice, or you can use your webtrafficpays referral link and banner. 

How you get paid

We operate on a member to member pay system. You simply sign up and make two, or in some cases three separate payments.

First payment goes to admin and the second, and third if applicable goes to your sponsor. The third payment only comes into play if your sponsor doesn't qualify to receive the full payment. (example: Your sponsor is a Premium member and your coming in refers a Elite member)

Note: There is a chance you will have to make 3 total payments: Payment to admin, and two separate sponsor payments if the person that referred you doesn't qualify for the full amount. See example below.

The admin fee is how we are able to keep the website running: Daily marketing to keep visitors flowing to our master rotator and the traffic running to your site of choice.

The payment you send to your sponsor is the same payment you will get when someone joins through your link.

Please do not join if you are not able to offer a reasonable way for other members to send you money.
We offer the most common ways for you to pay and get paid including: Paypal, stripe, authorize.net, cash app, venmo, and we also included a manual option that you can use for bitcoin, zelle, wise.com, etc.

If a member is not able to pay within 24 hours we will assign a random qualifying member to take their place, if there is not a qualifying member, payment will go to admin.

Admin set up fee is payable by: Credit Card, Cash App, or Bitcoin.

All payments are One Time Only. There are no monthly subscriptions.

Important: You only get paid commission up to your current level, so it is recommended to come in the highest level you can afford.

We use a reverse 1-Up Compensation Plan that will create Passive Profits for you.

What this means

Every member must pass up the second person they refer to their sponsor, but that is it. You keep your first sale and third to infinity.

You are paid commission up to your current level


If you come in at the Elite level you will earn on all 4 levels.

If your downline comes in at level 1 Premium and their downline is at level 2 Exclusive, 3 VIP, or 4 Elite, that level 1 Premium member will get level 1 commission $30 and the rest $120 will go to the level 4 Elite member.

This is not a Scam or some illegal get rich quick scheme!

Earnings come from the Sale of Our Product, and Our product is our Marketing Packages.

Recap of Everything You Get!

Instant Direct Payments $30-$325
No waiting days, weeks, or months to get paid

Done 4 You System!
We Help Promote Your Referral link Plus.....

Visitors to link of choice!

Built-in Autoresponser
Capture page with follow series

Earn Passive Income
We Utilize a Reverse 1-Up Pay Plan

Easy Way to Make Money Online!

Ready To Join Web Traffic Pays?

Please do not hit the sign up button until you are ready to pay the admin fee and your sponsor. Members that join and do not pay within 24 hours will be deleted. You will have to sign up again when your ready to pay.

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